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Oils for your skincare. What do you think of that?

The skin is the reflection of the soul. It is thus very important to protect it from all aggressions. With Bio4Natural’s oils you will be able to find your skin’s harmony. Thanks to its unique properties you can use it every day in the evening, on its own or with your usual moisturiser.

Thanks to their triple action – regenerators, hydrators and antioxidant –, our oils provide a comprehensive and effective treatment. These oils naturally protect your skin’s beauty and health and respect its cellular features, protection mechanisms and biological rhythms.

We present you 3 wonderful oils, all available at Green Store:


This oil is strongly recommended for very dehydrated skin. It has a big moisturizing and antioxidant power and is ideal for preventing photo-ageing. It is especially recommended for the face. Hazelnut oil regulates oils in the skin.

Bio4Natural’s Hazelnut Oil is an organic product, obtained through the cold-pressing extraction of the hazel seed (Corylus avellana).


This oil is indicated for very dry or rosy skin. Sweet almond oil is very hydrating and decongests and appeases the skin, while stimulating it. With antioxidant properties, it is ideal to prevent photo-ageing.

Bio4Natural’s Sweet Almond Oil is a natural product, certified by ECOCERT Greenlife and obtained through the cold extraction of the Portuguese biological sweet almond kernels (Prunus Dulcis), from the Douro Superior region, in the interior North of Portugal.


This oil has an anti-wrinkle effectiveness and is ideal for normal and combination skin. This oil contains a great moisturizing and antioxidant power. Pine seed oil contains protective/repairing capacities of the upper skin barrier and promotes wrinkle reduction. It confers elasticity and firmness, as well as refines the skin.

Bio4Natural’s Pine Seed Oil is an 100% organic product and certified by ECOCERT. It is obtained through the cold extraction of the Portuguese stone pine seed (Pinus pinea).