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I always paid a lot of attention to the labels of conventional supermarket products. Anything containing a lot of colourings, preservatives and sugar always stayed away from my shopping list.

I was never curious of trying Mac Donald’s or any fast food restaurant. Coca-Cola and soft drinks were only part of my life in parties when I was a child; however, when I became aware of their ingredients they completely vanished from my diet.

Despite not being a vegetarian, I eat very little meat. I give preference to white meat and I always have to know its origin, whether it is free-range, free of vaccines and antibiotics. Farmed fish is not part of the family’s diet either.

I have two daughters and they need to have a wholesome and balanced diet, with all necessary nutrients for their development. For this purpose, I adopted a golden rule: variety. In my kitchen there are always grains, cereals, oilseeds, nuts, seeds, algae and fresh fruit and vegetables. It also includes tofu and seitan, which have been approved. Whenever possible, I choose season and organic products.

Greenstore4u was born from the wish to adopt a healthy and ecologically committed lifestyle. I want to pass this message to my daughters and to make them understand that our current way of living is compromising the future generations.

It was not difficult to include André and Catarina in this project. In what his activity area is concerned (building), André always looked for materials and techniques that had a lesser environmental impact.

During a visit to Bogotá, he noticed that the Colombian market was open to that concept and that the government gives awards in that area to projects that contemplate healthcare, environment and reuse. Opening Greenstore4u in Bogotá was a must.

Catarina is a follower of concepts that include physical and emotional wellbeing. When I proposed to her the reopening of our Vila Verde store, with a greater scope, where we could serve meals, she totally saw envisioned herself in this project and wanted to be part of it.

We want to care for you.

We want to show you how delicious it can be to eat meals prepared with natural ingredients.

We want to preserve our planet by offering an array of eco-friendly products: hygiene, cosmetics, jewellery, shoes and other, which do not have aggressive chemicals in their making and that are produced according to sustainability rules.

Andrea Barbosa,

Greenstore Founder

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Our Street Store

Vila Verde Store – Portugal

At our Vila Verde store, besides selling organic and natural products, we are also equipped with a quick meal service, so that customers visiting us can learn, see and taste the best green recipes!