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When one talks about the holidays, we remember the beach and quite often the cream donuts (the Portuguese bolas de Berlim) come to mind, correct?

Is a cream donut an adequate choice of food for a hot day?

Why not a fruit juice or some fruit salad?

Well, this is actually possible now. The great novelty in the Algarve for this summer is that fruit and fresh fruit juice will be on sale at the beach.

People are more and more concerned with their health and eating fruit actually keeps us hydrated on very hot days, because it has plenty of vitamins.

The idea has become very popular, and despite buying the traditional cream donut, people are also buying fruit juice and fruit salad.

This is especially fantastic for children…

According to the company (from the Algarve) that is behind this idea, this is all about offering an alternative to sweets.



What do you think of this idea?

Would you rather go for a Cream Donut or some Fruit?