Privacy and Cookies Policy

Privacy Policy

Greenstore4u is committed to keep the confidentiality of all data provided by its customers (according to Portuguese Law 67/98 of October 26).

Greenstore4u employs functionalities in its website that enable to establish a closer relation with its visitors by displaying better content that may be of their interest.

There are fields where the visitor can obtain more information about a given product or service; for that purpose, they need to add some personal details.

Greenstore4u guarantees that all information provided by users of its website is treated with a high level of security and privacy and it will be used by Greenstore4u only for the purposes mentioned.

Greenstore4u guarantees that information provided by its visitors will Not be disclosed to third parties.

Visitors who provide personal information through Greenstore4u’s website have the right to access and/or delete that information from our database; for that purpose, they may contact Greenstore4u via one of the existing communication channels with the respective request.

Greenstore4u contains images, videos, content, hyperlinks that may direct visitors to external pages.

Therefore, Greenstore4u cannot hold any responsibility for that content and for what may happen to that same content.

Cookies Policy

Greenstore4u uses cookies in its website that enable a better performance and user experience. Find out more about Cookies below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files with relevant information stored by your access device (PC, mobile phone/smartphone or tablet), through your internet browser, whenever the user visits a website.

Cookies help the website to recognise the user’s device on a subsequent visit to the website, and are very often crucial for the website to work properly. Cookies used by Greenstore4u do not collect personal information that enable to identify the user; they store general information, such as the means of access or location/country of the user and the way in which they use the website, among other; Cookies only store information related to the user’s preferences.

The user may, at any time and through his/her internet browser decide on being notified on receiving cookies, as well as block their respective access to their system. However, please note that by refusing cookies in the website it may block access to some of its areas and hence not provide a full navigation experience to the user.

What are cookies for?

Generally, cookies are used to enhance the user’s navigation experience, by increasing speed and efficiency in the response. They eliminate the need for reintroducing the same information and they help to determine that the publicity viewed by the user is relevant and meets his/her interests, in a word, to determine the usefulness, interest and number of times when the website is accessed.

What types of cookies uses the website?

Each cookie used has a purpose and an expiration date.

Regarding their function, we use the following cookies at our website:

Essential cookies – some cookies are essential to access specific areas of our website. They enable navigation in our website and usage of its applications, such as access to secure areas that require login. Services that require those cookies cannot be provided without using them.

Functionality cookies – Functionality cookies enable to remember the user’s navigation preferences in our website. Consequently, there is no need to reconfigure and personalise the website on each user’s visit.

Analytical cookies – These cookies are used to analyse how the user uses the website, which allows the website to display articles and services that may be of the user’s interest; it also allows to monitor the website’s performance, to know the most popular pages, to find the most effective connection method between pages or to determine the reason why some pages are receiving error messages. These cookies are used for the purpose of analytics creation and statistical analysis only, and never collect personal information. Therefore, by personalising the user’s offer, we can provide a high quality experience, and quickly identify and correct problems that may occur.

Regarding the expiration date, we use the following cookies:

Permanent cookies – These remain stored in the user’s access devices (PC, mobile phone/smartphone or tablet), in the user’s internet browser and are used whenever the user visits our website. They are generally used to direct navigation according to the user’s interest, thus allowing us to provide a more personalised service.

Session cookies – These are temporary cookies that are generated and available until the end of the session. The following time the user accesses his/her internet browser the cookies will no longer be there. The information collected allows to generate the sessions, identify problems and provide a better navigation experience.

Blocking cookies

The user may deactivate cookies either partially or totally, at any time. For that purpose, the user may follow the instructions displayed on his/her browser. If cookies are deactivated, the website may not work properly.

Cookies in the opening of newsletters/emails

For statistical purposes, newsletters/emails may contain a tiny image that enables to find out whether they were opened and to verify clicks within the newsletter through hyperlinks or advertisements. The user can always deactivate the sending of the newsletter/ email by clicking on the respective option at the newsletter/email’s footer.